[:es]Cándido González Stadium, of Camagüey, regains its original elegance[:]


Camagüey, Aug 20. – Troubled in recent times of a strong deterioration, Candido Gonzalez Stadium, in this city, regained its original elegance after a repair covered virtually all of the dependencies, and that puts it in excellent condition to receive the first substring of Bulls of Camagüey in the newly started 58th National Baseball series.

Next Saturday, against the current champions of Granma, the Camagüey´s team will debut in front of its people in the “Cándido”, who will turn 53 on December 26.

The installation has been pleasantly transformed for a few months in a laborious building polygon, pawned all the participating forces to improve the comfort of the athletes, coaches, umpires, managers, specialized press and public in general.

Beautiful and well-deserved gift this to a few fans who, even in the worst moments, have never stopped supporting the local selection, as evidenced by the average rates of inflow to the parties, detail that has excelled the main stadium of Camagüey among their counterparts from across the country.

The headquarters of the Bulls today exhibits an image completely renovated from own outdoor areas, thanks to the painting of the building, the veneer of walls, gardening improving, the remodeling of the parking area and placement of a modern lighting system.

However, the greatest change occurred towards the inner enclosure: as new were premises for the equipment, body of arbitrators and the technical Commission, gym, protocol section, Radio and Television broadcast booths, cafeteria and the public baths.

The most compromised situation was located on the ground, which was the subject of intense days of treatment of the grass, filling of the slopes, cleaning security strips, improvement of the system of drainage and construction of a new area of warming up pitchers and a batting cage.

Specialists believe, however, that the most benefit with the investment will be the Provincial Baseball Academy, as it expands its capacity of lodging up to about 100 athletes of different categories, who will be staying in comfortable bedrooms with the necessary conditions for rest.

Dagoberto Riverón Trumboll, its director, said that, in addition to the usual furniture, rooms with air conditioning, TV, shared bathroom and a substantial improvement if added to this is the rehabilitation of the kitchen and the proximity to the main stage of training and competition.


For the third consecutive year at the front of the province selection, Orlando Gonzalez mentor recognized the quality of the work undertaken in the stadium, which improve the living conditions of athletes and coaches, and conducive to the enjoyment of a sight.

“We have to transform, he said, the poor performance of the last campaign. It is a commitment to the people and authorities we have both attended. The team is prepared to classify and strive to return the joy to Camaguey fans, which is the most faithful of Cuba.”

Contradictorily, during the 57 national series “Bulls” won more games as visitors who like home club: “That should reverse it, should get more wins at home, where we have the support of the public,” said Gonzalez, convinced that everything depends on the delivery and the discipline of each athlete.

This is the same picture Rafael Benitez ballast player: «the improvement in care must be accompanied by a top performance of the team. In recent months he has worked hard in the Elimination of individual and collective defects especially in technical -tactic order.

“Importantly, reiterated, is out to win every match, fighting until the last out, not to trust us, show optimism and confidence in the victory from the first day. “This is the year of the leap in quality that is expected of us: there is another to win and achieved, discuss the Championship”.

Camaguey began with good step classic balls and strikes, when winning the particular commitment against the Tigers of Ciego de Ávila in the Cepero Stadium, a square traditionally complicated for the Bulls. Despite the fracture of the fibula (without surgical criteria) of Leonel Segura, one of the key pieces of the campus, the Camagüey´s team managed a couple of hits, and now measure forces with Villa Clara, one of the unbeaten after the first substring.

Name to name, and position to position, one of the best payroll of the country is in Camagüey, with special strength in the body of launchers. It is then hope that the onslaught of the “bulls” have sufficient strength and constancy for the missed road victories. (Text and photo: Granma)[:]