Cuba Denounced US Double Standard on Terrorism

Cuba Denounced US Double Standard on Terrorism United Nations, May 12. -Cuba reiterated Tuesday that the unilateral making of lists by the US government accusing other countries of supposed support to terrorism is incompatible with the international right and the UN resolutions.

In that sense, Cuba demanded to be excluded from Washington s list, which Havana qualified of spurious since it constitutes an unfair, arbitrary and politically motivated action.

The position of the Caribbean country was exposed Tuesday by its permanent representative before the UN, Pedro Núñez Mosquera, when speaking during a session of the Security Council.

When maintaining Cuba in that list, the government of the United States denies the political rationality that proclaims openly and follows the mistaken steps of his predecessors, Nuñez sustained.

He added that the whole thing is political manipulations and flagrant lies against Cuba to try to justify the discredited, isolated and untenable politics of Washington against the island.

"It is not in Cuba, but in the US, where a terrorist mafia has organized terrorist acts unpunishedly financed and carried out against the Cuban nation," Núñez Mosquera underlined.

He remembered that in the last 51 years the US government has been involved in repeated terrorist actions against this country causing 3,478 dead, 2,099 disabled and material losses for more than 54 billion dollars.

He also denounced the US double standard that claims the right to certify the behavior of other nations regarding terrorism, while it does not judge and allows people responsible for those horrendous terrorist acts against Cuba to live in freedom.

In this respect, he mentioned the case of Luis Posada Carriles, well-known as the most connoted terrorist in the western hemisphere and the one on whom the US authorities are limited to a judicial process for smaller charges.

He asserted that the handling of that matter by Washington constitutes a clear and flagrant violation of resolutions of the UN Security Council, the General Assembly and of several international juridical instruments relative to the fight against terrorism.

The Cuban ambassador insisted on demanding the US judges to take Posada Carriles to a trial as a terrorist or return him to Venezuela, country that requested his extradition almost five years ago.

At the same time he demanded the US administration the liberation of five Cuban antiterrorist fighters maintained as political prisoners for more than 11 years in high security prisons.

He explained that those men only tried to obtain information on the terrorist groups located in Miami, in order to prevent their violent acts and save Cuban and North American citizens' lives.

It is in the US government's hands to stop using the topic of terrorism with political objectives and put an end to the unjust and groundless inclusion of Cuba in the list of countries that supposedly favor terrorism, Núñez remarked.

"Cuba condemns all the acts, methods and practices of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, everywhere, for whichever they are committed, against whoever that are committed against and whatever their motivations are," he concluded.(Prensa Latina)