USA Allocates Millions of Dollars to Destabilize Cuba

USA Allocates Millions of Dollars to Destabilize CubaHavana, Jun 11. -The 20 million USD allocated by the United States to allegedly promote democracy in Cuba actually constitute a considerable sum of money to attack the Revolution, said Kenia Serrano, president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP). Washington wants sectors of the Cuban population to join this interest to subvert order in Cuba and destroy the work, achievements and gains of the Revolution, Serrano told Prensa Latina.

The US Government claims it is struggling "for us to have a better understanding of civil and human rights, and have access to alternative media or social networks," but that discourse is actually distorted and aimed at developing destabilizing plans against Cuba, she said.

The ICAP official said that this has happened historically under successive US administrations, which wanted to destroy the Revolution from within by promoting internal division.

As we intensify the battle for the end of the unfair US economic, financial, commercial blockade against Cuba and for the elimination of unjust coercive measures, we keep friends posted about modalities adopted by Washington, she said.

Serrano said that none of those plans will succeed because they have not realized that in Cuba we are updating Socialism to have more equity and social justice.

"At ICAP we receive many US friends and notice that they are not aware of the hostile, pro-interference decisions that their government take against the Island," she said. (Prensa Latina)