Cuba, Venezuela Renew Agreement

Cuba, Venezuela Renew Agreement Havana, Nov 9. – The Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement between Cuba and Venezuela gained new momentum with its renewal by authorities from both countries, on the 10th anniversary of its signing.

Raul Castro: Communist Party Congress, Conference, in 2011
Established on October 30, 2000, this initiative has been the main basis for the consolidation of ties between the two countries, Cuban President Raul Castro Ruz stated on Monday.

During the anniversary ceremony, Raul Castro said that since its implementation, actions of high economic and social benefit for both countries have been carried out.

Among the sectors that have most benefited from these programs are health, education, culture, sports, agriculture, energy savings, mining, telecommunications, the comprehensive training of cadres, and others, Raul stated.

The social missions Cuba is developing along with Venezuela, which have improved living conditions for the population, have gone beyond binational exchange, the Cuban president said.

The exchange is also an important step toward the goal of achieving real economic complementariness, based on the optimal use of infrastructure and knowledge of existing resources in both countries.

The next decade, 2011-2020, will be one of great advances in the construction of socialism in Cuba and Venezuela, stated Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who visited Havana for the occasion.

"In 2000, with the signing of this agreement, we placed the cornerstone, the pillar of everything we are going to do in the next 10 years and in the 100 to come," said Chavez.(Prensa Latina)