Cuban Boxer Iglesias to Finals in London Olympic Games

Cuban Boxer Iglesias to Finals in London Olympic GamesHavana, Cuba, Aug 10.- Cuban boxer Roniel Iglesias (64 kilograms) already improved his performance in Beijing 2008, bronze, and wants more: the gold medal in these London Olympic Games.

“I am happy with this step, but the tournament is not over and I’m not satisfied still” said the foremer world champion, after securing a berth in the finals with his victory 20-9 over Italian Vincenzo Mangiacapre, third in the world’s ranking.

“I have trained very hard and I keep alive the dream I came here with. I think I can win the gold” said Iglesias minutes after descending from the ring.

The Cuban explained that his strategy in this bout was to hit inside, since the Italian usually throws his punches wide and said he was happy everything had worked out as planned. Iglesias won the three rounds (8-3, 6-3, 6-3).

Tomorrow the Cuban will have another incentive in his final combat because he will seek revenge over Ukrainian Denys Berinchyk who beat him in the first bout of the world championships, where the Cuban was defending his title.

The other Cuban in the semi-finals, world champion lazaro Alvarez in the 56 kilogrmas division lost his combat 14-19 to Irish John Nervin, and was left with a bronze medal.

Nervio won the first round 5-3, with good punches from the outside, clearing the Cuban’s guard easily to command the score through the three rounds.

“He surprised me and was wise enough to carry out his tactic. I ddnt feel superior at all, but I fought all the time but he won,” acknowledge the Cuban

“My goal was to win the gold, but this bronze is the end of a cycle when I won the World and Pan American titles, and still have time to go for it in the next Olympic Games (Brazil 2016)” he said. (Radio Cadena Agramonte)