NATO Intensifies Libya Bombings, Admits Deadly Alleged Error

NATO Intensifies Libya Bombings, Admits Deadly Alleged ErrorTripoli, Jun 20. -The North Atlantic Treaty Organization once again bombed civilian and military targets in Libya to support the rebel offensive, after admitting to killing nine people due to another alleged technical error.

The NATO air raids against the city of Sorman, 70 kilometers (43.4 miles) from Tripoli, caused an undetermined number of deaths, including children, a government spokesman said.

Heavy bombings and clashes were also reported around Misratah, the third most important Libyan city, with 18 rebels dead and 40 injured during an offensive against Muammar Gaddafi's supporters, according to local news reports.

Meanwhile, the JANA news agency quoted military officials as confirming more NATO air raidson Sunday against the town of Sebha, south of Tripoli, killing four civilians and injuring 10.

A military missile site was the intended target of the raid on Sunday morning, but it appears that one of the weapons malfunctioned and caused these civilian casualties on the ground, NATO said. (Prensa Latina)