Cuba Trains its Self-employees

Cuba Trains its Self-employeesHavana, Cuba, Jun 29.- With the aim of providing the growing self-employment sector with tools that favor its successful performance, the National Economists and Accountants’ Association (ANEC) is offering theoretical courses, which have been welcomed by participants. Following the end of the eighth training course on accounting and taxation, in Havana, self-employee Michel Gomez, an accountant and book keeper for 2 years now, told ACN that the training had updated him on new legislations and resolutions which are very useful for his job.

Meanwhile, Sergio Baez, a retired worker and member of the Cuban architects and engineers’ association, said the initiative has provided him with knowledge that helps him start over again. Baez, 65, wants to open his own business as a book keeper.

ANEC president in Havana Nicolas Valladares told ACN that the courses take a whole week and are open to everyone. He explained that the attendance also includes professionals like economists and accountants, who come to improve their knowledge.

According to official statistics, by last February, the number of self-employees in Cuba was calculated at 371 200. The figure is expected to add another 240 000 workers this year to reach over half a million.

A large number of self-employees have preferred to open businesses in areas like the processing and sale of foodstuffs in cafeterias or restaurants with hired personnel. Also popular are businesses in the cargo and passenger transportation, house rentals, expenditure of produce and
domestic items, and others in the field of services. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).