US Judge Blocks Commercial Law against Cuba

US Judge Blocks Commercial Law against CubaHavana, Cuba, Jun 28.- US Federal Judge Michael Moore decided to block the coming into effect of a new law in the state of Florida, which would prevent foreign governments from contracting companies having commercial bonds with Cuba. According to media outlets, the judge determined, in a precautionary measure, that the law – which also affected Syria- comes into conflict with the government’s faculty to establish its foreign policy and “would interfere in affairs that are traditionally a prerogative of the executive power.”

The ruling favored Odebrecht Inc, a subsidiary of the large Brazilian construction company, which demanded the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) arguing the unconstitutional nature of the law, the Cubadebate Web site reported.

Odebecht Inc. currently participates in the works carried out in the Cuban port of Mariel, which could be affected by the new law, which, if approved, would prohibit state and local governmental agencies in US territory the awarding of contracts worth at least one million dollars to the South American company.

In its demand, the aforementioned company argues that the rejected legislative proposal would have prevented it this year from making an offer of 3.4 billion dollars in contracts of the FDOT, and that Odebecht Inc. had already suffered “irreparable damage,” since possible trade partners and employees had been  frightened.

Florida governor Rick Scout signed the law in May, during a ceremony with a great fanfare held in Miami and later, but aware that it should have federal approval, he took back what he had said by way of a statement suggesting its unconstitutional nature.

The proposal was sponsored by two federal legislators and by almost the majority of the State legislature.

A new date for court has not yet been established after this rejection, and the judge suggested the parties to work to find a solution. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).