Crop Diversification in Camagüey-based Citrus Company

Crop Diversification in Camagüey-based Citrus CompanyCamagüey, Jun 29.- Workers of the Sola Farm and Citrus Company in northern Camagüey have reached a significant growth in the production of grapefruit, orange and lemon – predominantly of organic fruits, which are highly priced at the international market -, as well as in the forestry development of other fruit trees, livestock breeding and coal exports.

This year’s fruit-picking program has grown approximately 2,000 tons with a marked contribution of the areas exploited where no chemicals are used, which allows  positive yields and a wide-raging production demand of the above-mentioned company, located in the municipality of Sierra de Cubitas (some 60 km north of Camagüey).

Orestes Reyes Pérez, general manager of this citrus company, said that they have also recouped growing houses to guarantee vegetable offers for tourism, linked to the development of fruit-tree nurseries for the expansion of farmlands expected.

As part of the company’s recovery program, the staff salvaged the Citrus Festival to be held once the harvest is done. There, the most relevant workers and productive units are praised and they set forth their new proposals to continue being the second major contributing citrus company in Cuba. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).