Future of Radio Announcing Guaranteed in Camagüey

Future of Radio Announcing Guaranteed in Camagüey Camagüey, Jun 24.- As a crystal-clear guarantee for the future, Radio Cadena Agramonte – Camagüey's main broadcasting station – closed with perfect finale the first radio announcing course for children and teenagers, attested by the Cuban Radio and Television Research Center, where 16 up-and-comers graduated, some of them with experience in children's programs.

But perhaps the most appealing fact was that the delivery of the certificates was in charge of actors, reporters, news anchors, producers, all retired from Camagüey’s Radio Cadena Agramonte, among which were some of this provincial broadcasting station’s founders, who are celebrating its 55th anniversary these days amid the revelry for the 90th anniversary of the Cuban Radio.

Head of the radio in this Cuban province Alicia Sosa expressed satisfaction since they have contributed to preserve radio announcing tradition in Camagüey taking late Francisco Rivero Rodríguez as its most stalwart exponent, who claimed expertize as a teacher of news anchors in the province, although many of his students have entered the world of television cameras and national radio stations microphones with a great deal of success.

The main recommendation to the possible radio professionals that attended the first radio announcing course for children and teenagers was to serve society, one of the major principles of the Cuban Revolution, and keep alive the dictum of being in the hearts of the people. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).