Cuba reaffirms falsehood of accusation of acoustical incidents

Havana, Dec 11.-The Foreign Minister of Cuba Bruno Rodriguez reaffirmed the falsehood of the accusations of alleged acoustic attacks against United States diplomats in Havana.


The head of Cuban diplomacy tweeted quoting a recent study conducted by the U.S. Academy of Sciences, which confirmed the lack of any evidence of said aggression.

The maneuver was a pretext for Donald Trump’s administration to withdraw part of its diplomatic personnel from Havana and damage the relations between both countries, which were retaken in 2015, 54 years after the diplomatic breakup.

The report regarding the alleged attacks against U.S. diplomats supports Cuba’s call for the need of cooperation in clearing up the events, and confirms the lack of any evidence to there having been such an attack.

Rodriguez indicated in another tweet that ‘those who oppose a respectful relation between Cuba and the United States manipulated the event in an opportunistic manner to attack Cuba and the bilateral relations.’

Since the first notification of said alleged events in August 2017, Cuba led an investigation on the case, and expressed the will to cooperate with the U.S. authorities in the determination of the possible causes of the incident. (Prensa Latina)