USAID Funded Costa Rican NGO for Anti Cuban Operations

USAID Funded Costa Rican NGO for Anti Cuban Operations San Jose, Jun 8 . – The US Agency for International Development (USAID) granted $400,000 USD to a Costa Rican non governmental organization in 2009 to support actions against Cuba, denounced US journalistTracey Eaton on Friday.

It is possible that the so-called Inter-American Institute of Human Rights (IIDH) would have even received another millions of dollars for destabilization and subversion actions in the Cuban territory, ordered by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and carried out under the human rights facade, said Eaton.

In an article released by Along the Malecon website, Eaton highlights the peculiar way in which the IIDH and USAID hide the destinity and use the Central American organization gave to the funds received every year from the US entity, known for its relation with the CIA.

The first fund on April 17, 2009, clearly shows Cuba as the main place of performance, which according to the jargon of the federal government, it is the place where a work is done, said Eaton, who was a Texas, US, newspaper correspondent in Havana.

Eaton admitted that in the five lists related to the contract he only saw once a reference to Cuba, in the website, but he was intrigued when seeing that USAID granted over 1.5 million USD to the IIDH in 2009.

Despite the funds given to the IIDH, it is not included in the USAID website as one of its partners in Cuba, and there are no details of the contract in the website.(Prensa Latina)