Spanish, Cuban Communist Parties for Strengthening Ties

Havana, Jun 7. – The secretary general of Spain's Communist Party Jose Luis Centella, and the deputy secretary of Cuba's Communist Party (PCC), Jose Ramon Machado, Thursday expressed the interest of their political forces of strengthening ties.

In a meeting at the PCC Central Committee headquarters in Havana, Thursday morning, both party leaders ratified their willingness of strengthening links based on the historical relations between the two parties.

Centella reiterated his firm solidarity with the Revolution and his total readiness of working in favor of the causes defended by Cubans.

Machado explained to the visitors the march of the implementation of the guidelines and goals passed at the 6th Congress and First National Conference of the Communist Party, respectively.

The Cuban party leader also highlighted the efforts of the PCC and the government for moving towards the country�s economic and social development, amid the difficult conditions imposed by the US hostilities and the world economic crisis.

Centella and the delegation accompanying him visited places of historical and social interest, apart from meeting with representatives of social organizations, the government and the Parliament.

The Spanish Communist Party leader met with Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Wednesday to discuss topics of the international agenda and challenges imposed by the current world crisis.(Prensa Latina)