Tallest Man in the World Returns to Cuba

Havana, May 17. – Sultan Kosen, who with his 2.47 meters in height is recognized as the tallest man in the world, will visit Cuba again next Saturday, local media reported on Thursday.

According to a blog reviewed by the newspaper Juventud Rebelde, Kosen will arrive in Havana on Saturday afternoon schedule at the Terminal 3 of the Jose Marti International Airport, accompanied by his manager, Bobby Rostov, who intends to complete a trilogy of visits to the Caribbean country.

The trip aims to raise the name of Cuba at the highest international level as well as bring the Cuban people the nature of a sui generis event as is the encounter with the tallest human being on the planet.

The giant man will stay for four days at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, before returning to his native Turkey.

Kosen grew as a normal child until he was 10, and is known worldwide due to a pituitary gland tumor that caused his accelerated growth, until it was removed two years ago.

In the latest edition of Guinness World Records he was listed as the tallest man in the world, and also has the largest hands and feet, with 27.5 cm and 36.5 cm, respectively, dimensions that make it difficult to enter a car, run, and find clothes or a place to sleep comfortably.

The last trip of Kosen to Cuba took place in April 2011, in what was a quick return to the Caribbean island, because a month before he had been in the country's capital for four days.(Prensa Latina)