Fidel Castro Warns on Severity of U.S. Policies

Fidel Castro Warns on Severity of U.S. PoliciesHavana, Mar 22. – The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, warned on the severity of U.S. policies that threaten to lead the human race to disaster. In his latest Reflection, "The Roads Leading to Disaster," the Cuban leader referred to U.S. and Israel threats on an attack on a plant that produces enriched uranium in Iran, as well as the selective elimination of the most eminent scientists from that country.

Let's imagine the U.S. troops, stated Fidel Castro, launching monstrous bombs capable of penetrating 60 meters of concrete on industrial facilities. Such an adventure had never been conceived.

For the Cuban leader, we do not need another word to understand the reality of such a policy, "that way will lead our specie inexorably to disaster. If we do not learn to understand that, we will never learn to survive." 

Fidel Castro stated that Iran, accused of producing enriched uranium used as energy fuel or a medical component, does not have nuclear weapons.

Dozens of countries use enriched uranium as an energy source, but this could not be used in the production of a nuclear weapon without a previous and complex purification process, the revolutionary leader added.

The Cuban leader denounced, however, that Israel, with U.S. support and cooperation, manufactured nuclear armament without informing or giving an explanation to anybody, and even without recognizing the possession of those weapons, has hundreds of them.

The international policy in that complex and dangerous region of the world has focused on that crucial issue, where most of the fuel that moves the world economy is produced and supplied, he noted.

According to Fidel Castro, the 40 million USD that U.S. President Barack Obama promised to collect for his electoral campaign in a few weeks will only be used to prove that his country's money is much devalued.

Referring to the elections in the United States, the leader of the Revolution said that nobody thinks that the Democratic candidate is better or worse than his Republican adversaries: Mitt Rommey or Rick Santorum.

In his Reflection, Fidel Castro reproduced an article that reveals the existence of the largest conventional bomb, the 13.6-ton "bunker-buster", described by a U.S. Air Force general as "grandiose" for a military attack on Iran.(Prensa Latina)