Russia Demans Release of Cuban Five

Moscow, Nov 5. -The Russian movement "We Shall Overcome" (Venceremos) called on the U.S. government and judicial organizations on Saturday to stop violating the rights of five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters unjustly imprisoned in the United States.

In a letter delivered to the U.S. Embassy in this capital, the social movement demanded the return home of Gerardo Hernandez, Fernando Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero, Ramon Labañino and Rene Gonzalez, who are internationally known as the Cuban Five.

Rene Gonzalez served 13 years of prison, but he has been banned from returning to his homeland for another three years, which he will spend under supervised freedome on U.S. territory.

The Russian social movement charged that Gonzalez is threatened to death by Luis Posada Carriles, the intellectual author of the sabotage on a Cubana de Avición plane in 1976, as a result of which all 73 people on board died.

Posada Carriles is enjoying full freedom and is free to commit violent actions, while the Cuban Five, whose activity to abort terrorist actions was known by Washington, are still in prison.

The letter repeats a demand to U.S. President Barack Obama to use his constitutional power to let the Cuban Five go home, and to guarantee them and their families all human rights and international rights recognized by the White House itself.

The letter also demands to try the U.S. officials who violated the law by paying the Miami media to slander on the Five and by pressuring the jury to sentence them.

Finally, the letter demands a complete suspension of terrorist activity in the United States by Cuban-born extreme right-wing elements, to extradite Posada Carriles to Venezuela and to lift the economic and financial blockade against Cuba. (Prensa Latina)