LatAm. Student Leaders Meet in Cuba

LatAm. Student Leaders Meet in Cuba Havana, Feb 16. – Leaders of the Latin American and Caribbean Continental Organization of Students (OCLAE) are meeting in Havana on Thursday to debate how to strengthen unity of diversity in the region.

The meeting, to conclude on February 18, is being attended by delegates from 23 organizations from 19 countries.

Like in the 16th Congress of the organization, held in Uruguay half a year ago, the students will endorse their goals of unity, belligerency against imperialism and oligarchies, and the struggle for free and good-quality education.

According to the National News Agency, the OCLAE plans to approve a general strategic plan of struggle until the next congress and to analyzed the compliance with agreements reached at the previous congress.

A continental campaign was convened for March and April to fight the privatization of education and defend education as heritage and a right of all human beings and not as merchandise.(Prensa Latina)