Head of Arab Observers in Syria Denies Media Attack

Damascus, Jan 13. -Sudanese General Mohamed al-Dabi, head of the Arab observers in Syria, denied statements against the Syrian government by Anwar Malek al-Jazeera, a member of the group who left the team.Since he was assigned to the observer team in Homs, Malik did not leave the hotel for a week, and did not participate in any field visits made by their counterparts in towns of the province, with the pretext that he was sick, said the Sudanese general.

The TV station Al-Jazeera began using Malek in its anti-Syria propaganda. The first thing he said was that authorities had robbed him and blocked his cell phone, something the inspector himself had to deny.

The mission of observers in Syria is under strong pressure so that their report do not contradict, or at least do not differ much, from the plans of the western power and its Arab allies in the anti-Syria campaign.

Al-Dahbi explained that one day before leaving Damascus, Malek asked permission to travel to Paris for medical treatment and his request was accepted; however, he traveled before the adoption of the measures required to travel and without fulfilling his obligations, despite the confidence in him to participate in the mission to Homs.

Al-Dhabi stressed in his statement that Malek committed perjury and is responsible for what he did, which do not corresponds with the position or vision of his colleagues in Homs, or those of the head of the mission of observers. (Prensa Latina)