South Africa Praises Friendship with Cuba

South Africa Praises Friendship with Cuba Johannesburg, Aug 27 South Africa praised today his close friendship with Cuba, on the occasion to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Attack on Moncada Garrison, with an activity full of colorful, emotions, and solidarity.

A demonstration of the excellent state of bilateral ties supported to end the blockade imposed by Washington to Cuba, and the release of the antiterrorist fighters unjustly held in the United States, was highlighted by ambassador Carlos Fernandez de Cosio.

The head of the Cuban diplomatic mission in South Africa was responsible for the closing words of the political segment of the ceremony, held in Johannesburg's Brammfontein recreational center in front of more than 200 people.

However, far from formalities and protocols, the meeting was marked by the legacy of the South African people to consider all issues of life with songs and dances. This time, with the overflowing joy the event deserved.

The evocation to the action that opened the way to the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, the psychological and media warfare of many US administrations, and the collaboration in health and education of the Caribbean island in the world, dominated the speeches.

Under the auspices of FOCUS (Friends of Cuba Society), trade unions and social organizations, a group of South African representatives chatted with diplomats from the Island in South Africa, doctors and aid workers in the field of construction.

Boti Manamela, general secretary of the Communist Youth League of the southern nation, Venezuela's ambassador here, Mairin Moreno, and figures of the African National Congress (ANC, of government), participated among the guests. (Prensa Latina)