Iran Promotes Shohaday-e Vahdat Exercises

Tehran, Jan 9. -Iranian military forces began on Monday a new stage of the Shohaday-e Vahdat exercises, the largest by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), days after the Velayat 90 naval war games successfully ended.General Hamid Sarkheili, spokesman of the Shohaday-e Vahdat (Martyrs of Unity) war games, noted that the drills are developing in the eastern region of the nation since last Saturday and aim at reaching the same defensive goals as the Velayat 90 maneuvers in the Strait of Hormuz.

Despite the threatening actions and statements of the US, Iran underlined on Monday that its armed units are determined to defend their sovereignty and integrity.

Ground troops began on Monday the strategic stage of the new war games carrying out tactical maneuvers, mainly in regions of the desert, and passive defense exercises to strengthen security in the eastern border.

The Velayat exercises mobilized army forces in the Persian Gulf and was divided into three stages: preparation, expansion of forces, tactics and power phase, and air units penetrating enemy territory. (Prensa Latina)