People from Southern Camaguey practice popular surveillance

People from Southern Camaguey practice popular surveillanceSanta Cruz del Sur, Jun 25. –More than 500 cederists from the north Popular Council in Southern Camaguey participate in the Pular Surveillance Exercse that began last Wednesday night, proving that the blocks and neighborhoods belong to the revolutionaries.

The memership of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) has activated in all areas as well, staying alert 24 hours, a committment for other 50 years.

Neighborhood debates on popular surveillance are carried out in these days, the base structures and the two night guard duty shifs are being strenghthened, a general aproval by CDR.

The poeple from Santa Cruz continue their every day battle against social indisciplines and corruption, where there are young people, loyal relay of the historic organization created by our Commander in Chief more than 50 years ago.