[:es]Cuba: Professional Training Under Discussion at ICOM 2017[:]


Havana, Nov 16 .-Ideas about vocational training took place today in the debates of the 9th International Meeting of Researchers and Scholars of Information and Communication (ICOM), based in this capital until Friday.


This is a path of many challenges for all of us because the contexts change, move and in this dynamic we must look for an adapting and development point, said Dr. Gloria Ponjuan, of the University of Havana, moderator of the panel Training and professional development.

Such panel insisted on aspects like the need to articulate more theory and practice within the curricular space.

With the presence of about 600 delegates from 20 countries, including Cuba, the event seeks an approach to the current scenario, which, according to experts, requires rethinking professional training, designing new ways to insert graduates in different work environments.

It is also aimed to build a society that gives greater prominence to universities and allow science to leave the academic grounds to effectively work on social transformation, according to the organizers of the meeting, which is held in Havana’s Convention Center.

Personalities from the United States, France, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, United Kingdom, Bolivia, Mexico, Uruguay, Portugal, among other representatives, gathered at ICOM, which every two years is organized by the School of Communication of the University of Havana.

More than 340 papers will be presented here until the 17th, with an emphasis on the Cuban model.