Another Terrorist Attack Hits Damascus

Damascus, Dec 6. -A suicide bomber blew himself off in front of al-Midan police station, in a neigborhood of western Damascus, killing 25 and wounding 46 others in the third terrorist attack in the city in two weeks.Paramedics told Prensa Latina that the powerful explosion killed mostly civilians, and 15 bodies were unrecognizable. Police cars were also destroyed in the blast.

The terrorist attack took place at 11:30 local time before the Muslim noon prayers, just when a police shift was taking duty.

Parts of the victims´ bodies were spread all over the area of the blast and paramedics were picking them up, while experts were starting investigations.

Scores of angry residents gathered at the scene to protest against the terrorist violence and in support to President Bashar al-Assad and his security forces.

Unidentified people detonated two car bombs targeting Syrian security facilities last December 23, leaving 44 dead and 166 wounded, including civilians and military officers.

These actions have shown an escalation of terrorist violence organized from abroad, funded and supplied with weapons by groups of power in the Western and in the Arab League, which have joined to plot against the Syrian government, government officials told prensa Latina. (Prensa Latina)