Strenthening and consolidating the economy is also a youth task

Strenthening economy and the is also a youth task  Santa Cruz del Sur, apr 5. -The slogan of this Congress, All for the Revolution, means strengthening and consolidating the national economy…. said the Army General Raul Castro Ruz at the closing session of the Ninth Congress of the Youth Communist League, which was in session this Sunday at the Cuban’s capital.

In santa cruz del sur the youngest generation was paying attention to the words of the Cuban President, saince his intervention touched major aspects that unify and improve the work of the youth organization.

“…. I think this is the most important meeting in this year, and although i do not belong to the Youth Communist League because i already reched the limit age, I feel myself as part of this encounter….” stated Elvia Yuliet Pérez, a teacher that represented Santa Cruz del Sur in the XVI World Festival of Youth and Students that took place in Venezuela in the year 2005.

“…. in this meeting i could verify that Cuba is an example for the world and that in those events new goals are drawed up and new solutions for the deficiencies appear….” said  Elvia who has the responsibility of being the head teacher of a primary school.

Raul’s closing speech is a guide for all the Cubans…” said Pérez Freire who agreed with the Cuban President when he stated“…  many people are too severe when refering to the current youth but they forget that they were young once as well.  It would be an ilusion to hope that the new pines be identical to those of previous times. A wise proverb goes: men are more similar to their time that to their parents …” (Yanayma Rodríguez Molina / Radio Santa Cruz)