Cuban Pianist Performs at Tchaikovsky Conservatory

Cuban Pianist Performs at Tchaikovsky Conservatory Moscow, Mar 24. – The audience at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory enjoyed the performance by Cuban pianist Frank Fernandez, who gave a master class in a gesture that recognizes the musical development in his country and Latin America.

After his highly-acclaimed performance at the Great Hall of the Conservatory before 2,000 people, including 20 diplomats accredited in Moscow, the composer and professor played pieces by Ludwing van Beethoven.

The Cuban maestro shared his experiences and played the second and fifth concerts of the famous German composer, going beyond traditional piano techniques to express drama, feelings, hope and questions posed by those pieces for piano and orchestra.

Viktor Marzhanov, who was Frank Fernandez' professor and a living legend of the Russian piano school, stated that his pupil should repeat those master classes every year in the best piano school of the world.

This master class has been like a new graduation in my life, as if I would have received an honorary degree or an award. This is not only a recognition of Frank Fernandez, but also of the young Cuban piano school, the musician said.(Prensa Latina)