Venezuela to Take Measures to Control Weapons

Caracas, Jan 4. -Venezuela will take several measures to control arms as announced in late 2011, according to the secretary of the Presidential Commission for the Control of Firearms, Ammunition and Disarmament, Pablo Fernandez.The regularization of the possession of weapons, the prohibition of marketing, use in public spaces, sports events and outlets of alcoholic beverages, among others, are some of the measures, said Fernandez in a press release on the website of the Ministry of Interior and Justice (MIJ).

The information states that the presidential commission works to implement all these measures in close coordination and consultation with public institutions of the country to reach the broadest social consensus.

According to the press release, consultations aim to learn how the market of firearms is fed to have clear guidelines and take action.

The first phase of this consultation will end this month and has involved more than 3,000 people at workshops in schools, community councils, universities and social movements. Then the phase to assess result will begin.

Fernandez stressed the importance of the awareness-raising campaign addressed to all people with the participation of athletes, artists and media who called on all sectors of society to work together to reduce violence and build peaceful coexistence. (Prensa Latina)