Cuban Medical Brigade in Bolivia Celebrates 6th Anniversary

Cuban Medical Brigade in Bolivia Celebrates 6th Anniversary Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Mar 3. – Cuban medical brigade in Bolivia celebrates on Saturday its 6th anniversary of work here with over 50 million free consultations.

Cubans came to Bolivia as part of the Henry Reeve Contingent of Doctors Specialized in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics that served during floods in the department of Beni, eventually their work became in a comprehensive health care program.

In an interview with Prensa Latina, the national coordinator of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Bolivia, Luis Oliveros Orlando, said the Cuban medical specialists offer their services free to the poor and humble people in the most remote and inaccessible parts of the country .

Currently, Oliveros said, Cuban doctors work in over 500 practices and more than 30 comprehensive community hospitals spread over Bolivia's nine departments.

Cuban doctors provide health care in six eye centers, where over 615,000 low-income people have been operated free in six years, not just from Bolivia but also from neighboring countries as Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil and Peru.

The Cuban health staff also participated in the study program for disabled people as part of the Moto Mendez Brigade, he said.

Cubans are also engaged in training nearly 1,600 Bolivian medicine students who will graduate from March, 2012.

As part of activities for the anniversary of the presence of Cuban doctors in Bolivia a central event will be held in Santa Cruz that will be attended by local authorities and Cuban doctors.(Prensa Latina)