Arab Observers Are Still Under External

Damascus, Jan 3. -The Arab League observers continue to work in the country amid strong external pressures including much criticism, media falsehoods, accusations, and undue attacks against their leader, Sudanese General Mohammed Ahmed Mustafa al Dhabi.

Meanwhile, some Arab politicians, such as Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour, insist on an internal solution without foreign interference.

According to Nabil al-Arabi, secretary general of the Arab League (AL), the observers have visited around 30 cities and towns, and made progress in their mission; he called on the media not to anticipate events and wait for the appointed officials to complete their work.

Al-Arabi is also under severe pressures and decided to convene a press conference in Cairo, Egypt, on Monday, in which he defended the AL envoys to Syria, especially General al-Dabi, from attacks by the media and other power groups and interests.

Ali al-Salem al-Dekbas, head of the Arab Parliament, also joined the offensive and on Sunday asked the AL to immediately withdraw the inspection team with the allegation that the Damascus government continues repressing the population and violating the signed protocol.

On access roads to towns such as Homs, Hama, Daraa and Idleb, there are checkpoints to keep out terrorists and armed groups from infiltrating military supplies to the country, which anti-Syrian organizations from Turkey and Lebanon are still engaged in.

Accoding to the SANA news agency, the Lebanese foreign minister, Adnan Mansour, has declared that President Bashar al-Assad is not refusing to implement reforms, all to the contrary, and that these do not come out of the blue, but emerge through dialogue and a process that should be given time and left in peace. (Prensa Latina)