Nature crowned the efforts of a man in Southern Camaguey

After shaking the dirt in an area where Lisdenis Hernández Corona usually sows tubers, beans, and tomatoes, this citizen from the 50 Aniversario district in Santa Cruz del Sur wanted to extract another manioc, but it was not as easy as some other times. He had no choice but to apply double force, because that thing was really rooted in the furrow. And he surprised with what he saw.

It was amazing. I went for some cassavas so as to eat with the pork meat and when I started to extract some others to give to neighbours, hey with no exaggeration, it was really hard to take out, I almost had to call for help. When I saw the size of that tuber I called my wife and sons, in few minutes the news spread al over the town.

The fisherman of a private boat lives in apartment one building 66, in the 50 Aniversario community, a residential area where another producer took a huge sweet potato to the table.

Two big maniocs were born out of that root, so as to be news. One of the tubers measured 58 centimetres, the other one reached 55 centimetres, with a net weight of 10 pounds and a half. Every one who wants to taste these maniocs can come to my house. They are famous already. Let nature do its job, maybe in other harvests we will come across bigger surprises.