First works from eight countries at Havana Film Festival

Havana, Nov 29.- The organizers of the second part of the 42nd Havana Film Festival selected 18 debut films from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico and Uruguay to be screened at the event.

This second cycle of the Havana Film Festival, slated from December 3 through 12, thus completes the program whose first part was held in December 2020 and keeps alive the island’s main film event.

Among the proposals is the Bolivian-Argentine co-production “Chaco”, directed by Diego A. Mondaca Gutiérrez and based on his own script with the collaboration of writers César Díaz and Pilar Palomero.

Another of the premieres at the event is the Colombian feature film “Los Conductos”, by visual arts and audiovisual artist Camilo Restrepo; as well as the production “Una Madre”, by his fellow countryman Diógenes Cuevas, an experienced director of video clips.

Women filmmakers will also be present with young Argentine director Sol Berruezo Pichon-Rivière with her film “Mamá, mamá, mamá, mamá”; as well as Brazilian Luciana Mazeto and Vinícius Lopes, makers of the film “Irmã”.

Also from Brazil are “A morte habita a noite”, by Eduardo Morotó de Oliveira; “Casa de antiguidades”, by João Paulo Miranda; “Mirador”, by Bruno Costa; “Rodantes”, by Leandro Lara and “Cidade Pássaro” by Matias Mariani.

Uruguayan film “Chico”, by Alex Piperno; Colombian production “Con Tantas almas”, by Nicolás Rincón; Guatemalan work “Los fantasmas”, by Sebastián Lojo and Chilean “La nave del olvido”, by Nicole Ruiz and “Pacto de fuga”, by David Albala are also part of the selection.

(Prensa Latina)