Cancer, first cause of death in Santa Cruz del Sur

The workshop of the Cancer Program, disease considered to be the first cause of death of residents in Santa Cruz del Sur was carried out this Wednesday, reported Juan Palomino Rabassa, Director of health sector in this southern territory.The encounter turned into a working day and counted on the presence of Doctor Oscar La Serra Sánchez, provincial coordinator of this activity who highlighted that the work goes beyond the health sector, all citizens should be part of it.

The physician announced how the municipality showed an increase of malign diseases against same period in the year 2010, a figure that reached 91 cases, where cervical-uterine, prostate and breast cancer were the most common ones.

Promoting health actions for the improvement of life style is purpose of the physicians and health sector workers in southern Camaguey. (Rolando Canaura Sánchez/ Radio Santa Cruz)