Putin Considers Arrest of Wikileaks Founder Disrespectful

Putin Considers Arrest of Wikileaks Founder DisrespectfulMoscow, Dec 10. -Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin questioned the respect for democracy in the West, after the arrest in London of Julian Assange, the founder of WIKILEAKS, who voluntarily gave himself up to the authorities.

Putin made the remark statements in a press conference in Moscow together with his French colleague Francois Fillon, with whom he attended the signing of 20 bilateral agreements.

Putin doubted that the USA has a clean source of information when they referred to the exchanges of messages from the US embassies all over the world to the State Department, published by Wikileaks.

The UK Prosecutor's Office ordered the arrest and even refused at first to allow him contacts with his lawyers, although he is only accused of sexual harassment by two women in Sweeden.

The website revealed assessments by US diplomats on the political situation in Russia, with strong criticism of the Russian leadership.

Followers of Assange talked about a secret plan of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to protect Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia from a Russian threat.

Putin and Fillon spoke of increased cooperation in fields like space, car industry and energy, and even in the organization of the 2018 World Cup, which Russia will host.

Officials and businesspersons from both countries signed 20 new agreements, while the trade turnover between the two countries has gone up to 17 billion dollars, 40 percent more than in 2009. (Prensa Latina)