Chilean Students Convene New Demonstrations

Santiago, Chile, Nov 21. -The Confederation of Students of Chile (Confech) called on Sunday a three-day protests to demand free universal education.A bi-national march will take place next Thursday, to be attended by university students from Colombia. A second march will be held on November 30 in all regions and national universities and a third demonstration is scheduled for December 1.

The new mobilization program was agreed upon during a long meeting this weekend in the southern city of Chillan, where participants approved a declaration rejecting talks on the 2012 Budget Bill with the government and opposition parties represented in Parliament .

Esteban Valenzuela, vice president of the Students Federation of the University of Concepcion, in Bio Bio, also expressed his disagreement with dialoguing with the government and reaching agreements behind the student movement´s back.

The president of the Federation of Students of the University of Chile, Scarlett Mac-Ginty, underlined that the Confech strategy consists of planning a political and social movement that does not end with the debate of the Budget. (Prensa Latina)