Santa Cruz del Sur is doing its best to boost food production

Santa Cruz del Sur is doing its best to boost food productionSanta Cruz del Sur, 25 ago.- Boosting the productions with the purpose of delivering greater tuber, vegetables, grains, milk and meat volumes is the goal set by the cooperative and rural movement in Santa Cruz del Sur.

One million and 500 thousand milk litters, 100 more than the previously set goal, were delivered in the first semester of the current year, figure that confirms the efforts of the peasants to substantially boost this figure.

In the case of the tubers the results are not so encouraging owing to the droughts and the lack of seeds in the territory, as it happened with the cassava.

About grains and vegetables, 394 tons of rice have been delivered so far, and in the case of the beans, t is expected to start sowing it on September until we achieve the 80 hectares of the product.

Tomatoes are the main stream of the vegetables, and the seminars for the producers in charged have already been scheduled, so as to boost the yield, where the main object is the sustained development in the food production for the people. . (Hugo Betancourt Mayoral/ Radio Santa Cruz)