Chavez Boosts Educational Process in Venezuela

Caracas, Nov 3. -Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Thursday urged Venezuelan teachers to continue with the Simon Bolivar National Project, a strategy intended to strengthen the construction of 21st-century socialism.In a telephone conversation with the TV show Toda Venezuela, Chavez explained that the praxis should be used to continue the great strategic policies in 2012 and to improve the 2013-2019 periods, where the government´s main priority will be free education.

In a dialogue with Maryann Hanson, the Venezuelan Minister of Education, Chavez assured that his government will support the publishing of books on geography, universal history, mathematics and other textbooks for high school.

He recalled that he authorized the distribution of Canaimas computers for free to high school students.

Chavez also highlighted the importance of free learning for the people´s development. (Prensa Latina)