Fidel Castro Exposes US Pressures on the UNESCO

Havana, Nov 2. -The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, lashed at The US decision to halt its economic support to the UN Education, Science and Culture Organization for accepting Palestine as full member.In his article "Genocidal Role of the NATO (5th part)", Fidel Castro said no one is surprised with the expected and cynical US Federal decision to halt every economic support to the Unesco.

"The dramatic pitch with which the lady (spokeswoman for the DoS, Victoria Nuland) announced the decision was totally unnecessary," he stressed as he termed the UNESCO brave in giving the people of Palestine an active membership by 107-14-52 votes.

In his article, the leader of the Cuban Revolution also reviews the NATO role in Lybia. He reminds of the recent address by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez in Geneva, expressing Cuba's adhesion to the world concern with the loss of civilian lives at the Middle East country.

Cuba wants the people of Lybia to peacefully and sovereignty settle its current civil war, free of foreign meddling, to secure total integrity, he said.

And back to the role of the NATO, Fidel Castro stressed, as if the developments to date were not enough, the Presidents Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy will attend past the G-20 Summit, a ceremony in Cannes celebrating a new alliance between The US and France.

In confirmation from the White House, both Presidents will also meet with their troopers that participate in the operation in Lybia, he concluded. (Prensa Latina)