Five Hundred Journalists to Cover Elections in Nicaragua

Managua, Oct 29. -The Nicaraguan Electoral Supreme Council (CSE) accredited 500 national and foreign journalists to cover the presidential elections in this Central American country, said CSE spokesman Félix Navarrete Friday as told by local magazine Bolsa de Noticias.

Two hundred reporters correspond to press media from several countries of America, Asia and Europe, Navarrete said.

Such an accrediting is the only one offering access to the Press Room where the magistrates and the president of the CSE, Roberto Rivas, will give information on the preliminary results of the votings, Navarrete asserted.

On coming November 6, the Nicaraguans will choose the President and the Vice-President of the Republic, 90 deputies to the National Assembly and 20 to the Central American Parliament (Parlacen).

Bolsa de Noticias also highlighted the beginning of the distribution of 12, 960 electoral suitcases in the whole country Friday.

The total to deliver is 25,920 suitcases, he specified, because two will be sent to each Electoral Vote Receiving Board (JRV).

The first suitcases will be transferred to the Autonomous Regions of the Atlantic and the most distant departments, while this capital will receive their corresponding electoral suitcases on November 3. (Prensa Latina)