Russian Navy on Maneuvers in the Mediterranean Sea

Moscow, Jan 14. -After a 48-hour stop over in Syria, a group of Russian ships, led by the heavy aircraft carrier Adm. Kuznetsov, held maneuvers involving deck aircraft in the Mediterranean Sea.Spokesman, Ship Capt. Vadim Serga, said the pilots of SU-33 fighter jets effected 13 flights from the carrier's deck while the Ka-27 anti-submarine copters made another three flights, he said, stressing the highly complex games and maneuvers during air combat while the sailors carried out anti-submarine and anti-air defense drills.

The tankers now supply fuel to the Russian aircraft carrier that will continue sailing the Mediterranean Sea, said Capt. Serga.

This five-ship Naval group set sail December 6th from Severodvinsk Naval Base, seat of Russian North Sea Fleet, and already covered 6,000 nautical miles, that included maneuvers in the Atlantic Ocean, joint drills with Greek forces in the Mediterranean Sea, plus a short stop in Syria. (Prensa Latina)