Libya: 53 Corpses Show Rebels’ Atrocities

Tripoli, Oct 24. -Nearly 53 bodies with their hands tied were found in Sirte, an action revealing new atrocities carried out by the rebels currently ruling Libya, whose image was tarnished by the murder of former leader Muammar Gaddafi.Activists of a humanitarian international organization and locals reported on Monday the location of the 53 corpses at the city's Mahari Hotel, in an area that had benn captured by rebels a week ago.

Inhabitants of Sirte, where Gaddafi was born and unofficially executed last Thursday, identified the corpses noting that some of them were locals as others were part of pro-Gaddafi forces.

Monday's denunciation is taking place a day after leader of the National Transitional Council (NTC), Mustafa Abdul Jalil, appealed to Islamic peace, tolerance and reconciliation principles by declaring the liberation of the country. In fact, rebels keep providing contradictory reports on the way Gaddafi died, in spite of the fact that his autopsy proved that he received a gunshot to the head and new videos showed that the leader and his son Muatassin were alive when the rebels captured them. (Prensa Latina)