Intimacy, Couple Sexuality in Cuba Event

Havana, Jan 24.-Intimacy and couple sexuality, HIV/AIDS prevention, dysfunctions, and violence against women are some of the issues to be debated on Tuesday during the second day of the 6th Cuban Congress on Sex Education, Orientation and Therapy.Opened on Monday, the event is attended by recognized experts from the United States, Spain, Belgium, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia and Cuba, among other nations.

Doctor Elizabeth Gutierrez Flores, second vice president of the Latin American Federation of Associations of Sexology and Sex Education, on Monday convened scientists and experts to participate in the 16th Congress of this specialty, to be held in Medellin, Colombia, in October 2012.

"It will be an opportunity to analyze sexuality from integrity and eroticism," Gutierrez told the press.

For that reason, the expert call professionals from all sciences, communicators, parents, teachers interested in the topic, to attend the meeting, Gutierrez stated. (Prensa Latina)