Moncadist emulation will facilitate economic growth

“Del Camagüey lo mejor y con todo empuje”, (the best from Camagüey and pushing hard) a Jose Marti’s Phrase in a letter to Antonio Maceo, defines the ideals to defend in the current emulation for the 26th of July in the present historic context.Working on behalf of the local development and the productive sustainability of every Cuban region has become in the chief weapon to the world crisis.

Twelve aspects are going to be taken into account in this competition, but only four out of them are going to be determining. Attaché gross value and mercantile circulation are very important aspects in the Santa Cruz del Sur fishing industries, since they are one of the most committed with the economic results of the municipality.   

Enterprises contesting and those obliged to accompany them from other fields will work united to achieve the necessary conditions, which will give way to the economic growth, always taking into account the people’s welfare. (Yamile Agrenot Castillo/ Radio Santa Cruz)