Cuban Antiterrorist Fighters Release Demanded in Chile

Santiago de Chile, Oct 17. -The Jose Marti Cultural Association in Chile demanded the immediate release of the four Cuban antiterrorist fighters imprisoned in the US and the end of the additional punishment imposed to Rene Gonzalez after being released from prison.

The Chileans denounced the unjust and prolonged imprisonment of Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Fernando Gonzalez, and Antonio Guerrero, during a cultural event held in Concepcion city, capital of Bio Bio region and headquarters of the solidarity group.

They also denounced the cruel decision of forcing Cuban Rene Gonzalez to remain for three years in the US under supervised release, after serving 13 years in prison for having warned, as well as the other four Cubans, on terrorist plans against Cuba by the ultra right wing in Miami.

With the solidarity act in which prominent local troubadours took part, preparations for the 19th National Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba started in Chile, to be held November 18 and 19 in Lota City, about 500 kilometres south of this capital. (Prensa Latina)