Another Covid-19 vaccine registered in Cuba

Havana, Oct 19. -The Cuban Public Registry of Clinical Trials registered another Covid-19 vaccine candidate, whose process to include volunteers, according to the official program, begins this Monday.

This second project, called Soberana 01 A, will be carried out in parallel to the first trial registered by the Finlay Institute of Vaccines, aimed to evaluate its safety, according to data posted on the website of that entity.

Included into the Public Registry on Saturday, another objective of the new research is to explore the immunogenicity of different formulations of the vaccine candidates FINLAY FR-1 and FINLAY FR-1A in different schemes.

Analogous to the first trial, the study entering Phase I is randomly and double-blind. It includes 60 volunteers of both sexes aged 19 to 59 and are divided into three groups.

The first group will receive intramuscular high doses of FINLAY FR-1 plus adjuvant, a treatment that will last 28 days, while the second group will also receive the same doses of the new vaccine candidate in the same period of time.

The third group will be vaccinated with the second vaccine candidate, but at low doses. According to the planned schedule, Phase I of this trial should conclude on November 9.

In late August, the Finlay Institute of Vaccines began its first clinical trial of the vaccine candidate against Covid-19, known as Soberana 01, which is moving positively in its research.(Prensa Latina)