US Demonstrators Criticize Social, Financial Inequality

Washington, Oct 17. -A month after protests began, "Occupy Wall Street" movement on Monday raises questions about its future in the country and whether its claims will be heard by politicians and financiers.According to The New York Times journal, there is to see if protests succeed in strengthening the issue of inequality in the national agenda at a time when the country approaches 2012 elections.

For US citizens, the frustration of Egyptians protesting at Tahrir Square was "fascinating", but yet many of them do not understand their compatriot´s resentment, Nicholas D. Kristof commented on The Times newspaper.

In the country, what primarily drives the plaintiffs is economic inequality but there is also more inequality than in Tunisia or Egypt, Kristof said.

According to Kristof, an example is that the 400 richest U.S. citizens have a higher combined net worth than other 150 million compatriots.

The demonstrations were supported by many people facing economic hardships and unemployment due to policies carried out by financial groups. (Prensa Latina)