India to Host World Steel Conference in 2012

New Delhi, Oct 17. -India was selected as host of the World Steel Conference, scheduled for October next year, as a sign of its growing position in the global map of metallurgy and that material in particular.During a recent meeting in Paris, the World Steel Association (WSA), which represents 170 producers and 85 per cent of world production, decided to give that responsibility to the South Asian nation, as reported by sources of the sector.

C. S. Verma, president of the state-owned steel company in India, said one of the purposes of the conference will be to make the steel industry more sustainable in the current context of the global economy and market volatility.

The Indian steel industry grew from a production of two million tons of crude steel in 1950-1951 to almost 70 million in 2010-11, he said.

Recently, the Minister of Metallurgy in India, Prasad Beni Verma, predicted that by 2013 this country will become the second largest producer of steel (after China), with an installed capacity of 120 million tons.

According to the WSA, this year global steel consumption will experience a growth of 6.5 percent to reach almost  (Prensa Latina)