Chavez Announces New Cancers Tests for His Recovery

Caracas, Sep 30. -Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced Friday that he will undergo new tests in the last two weeks of October to rule out the presence of malign cancer cells.Chavez said that he will go through intensive exams, referring to the follow-up checkup after the fourth round of chemotherapy in Cuba over a week ago.

He said in a telephone call broadcast on Venezolana de Television TV channel late Thursday that he is recovering very well after he had surgery for cancer on June 20.

He reiterated that his tumor had been "encapsulated" when it was removed and repeated that he "had cancer".

Also, confirmed he will come back to the streets with renewed strengths following all the medical treatments needed for his complete recovery.

He declared his willingness to boost again the "Vivienda Venezuela" (Venezuela House) program, created to build 2 million homes in six years.

Chavez ridiculed rumors that his health might have taken a turn for the worse, blaming for that campaign the laboratories of psychological war and the concern of his political foes over his lead in public surveys on electoral preferences for the October 2012 presidential elections.

Later, he invited foreign and local journalists to watch him play softball at the Miraflores Palace, to show them he's in good shape. (Prensa Latina)