Deceit and Crime, Akin to Attacks on Cuba

Deceit and Crime, Akin to Attacks on Cuba Havana, Apr 15. -Deceit and crime seem to be inseparable constituent elements in aggressions against Cuba, which is currently under the attack of a media campaign and was victim of a bombing by eight B-26 planes 48 years ago.

Those aircrafts, with the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Force logo and national flag, were responding to mercenary interests and instead of defending a victorious country, charged at it in a despicable way.

Almost half a century later, the same enemies, who are constantly violating human rights, are boosting an international wave of lies to discredit a process that put human being as the true essential creator of social good.

Three Cuban airports were the targets of those attacks in Havana province, this capital and the eastern Santiago the Cuba province. The purpose was destroying planes on the ground to deprive the island of those defensive means, faced with and invasion through Playa Giron that would start few hours later.

The US administration accepted the responsibility for those attacks and the mercenary invasion later through the also known in Washington as Bay of Pigs.

A 25-year-old man called Eduardo Garcia Delgado, who wrote "Fidel" with his own blood before dying, was among the victims.

Garcia Delgado's gesture entails a huge dose of symbolism and loyalty to leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro.(Prensa Latina)