Libya: Sirte Remains Unbeatable, Frustration Grows Among Rebels

Libya: Sirte Remains Unbeatable, Frustration Grows Among Rebels Tripoli, Sep 26. – Libyan rebels attacked again Sirte on Monday after withdrawing very quickly from this city, an action the rebels´ leaders described as "tactical" worsening the rebels´ frustration due to the resistance of those loyal to leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Military forces of the National Transitional Council (NTC) returned to the attack backed by NATO air force, which bombed Sirte´s downtown areas despite many civilians remained there.

NATO itself confirmed on Monday to have hit numerous and supposedly military targets in this city under the excuse of "protecting" civilians, but Gaddafi´s spokesman, Moussa Ibrahim, blamed NATO for killing hundreds of innocent people.

A rebels´ commander denied they were forced to run off from Sirte claiming the action was a "tactical withdrawal" after accomplishing three proposed objectives.

A local media quoted another spokesperson on the rebels´ side, who admitted the magnitude of the resistance in Sirte and claimed that they had not enough men to control a territory were Gaddafi is worshipped.

Bani Walid also continues resisting the foreign aggression, while health sources underlined that the NTC lost at least 30 men in the last 24 hours.(Prensa Latina)