Ven Socialists Accuse Opposition of Manipulation of Polls

Ven Socialists Accuse Opposition of Manipulation of PollsCaracas, Sep 29. -The Venezuelan United Socialist Party (PSUV) accused the opposition of manipulating its triumph in the legislative elections Sunday in which the socialists won 98 seats out of a total of 185 of the National Assembly.

It is surprising how some members of the ultra right wing attempt to change the resounding victor of PSUV as their victory warned the vice president of the Republic, Elias Jaus in statements to Union Radio

According to the leader the numbers do not lie and demonstrate all the opposite.

We won in 18 states (PSUV lost in four and was tied in two) and in 56 of the 87 districts so that there is a widespread presence of revolutionary forces backing President Hugo Chavez in the country, he said.

Sectors of the opposition recognized the socialist majority in terms of seats but attributed an alleged triumph in the sum total of votes in national territory that was not in play since they were simple district elections.

Since the announcement of the results the opposition grouped in the Unity Table has proclaimed a majority in the country.

The socialist accused them of manipulating the figures considering that they also include votes of independent forces. (Prensa Latina)