Chileans Retake the Streets to Defend Public Education

Santiago de Chile, Sep 22. -Chilean students and workers hoped to hold another national day of protest on Thursday to demand far-reaching social and political changes, and to oppose government education policy.After four months of mass demonstrations, more than 80 percent of the Chilean population is expected to support the demands of students and teachers for free, high-quality public education, and against profiteering in the sector.

Demonstrations will take place on the country's main streets and in public squares, including a central rally in Santiago's Almagro Park, convened by the Confederation of Chilean Students.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Confederation of Copper Workers, Cristian Cuevas, said that contract workers at the CODELCO state copper company will hold organize protests to support the pro-education demonstrations.

The current education system does not meet student demands, because it reproduces inequalities, and encourages "apartheid" in education, said Cuevas.

Other organizations expected to join the day of national protests include the National Association of Public Employees, the Teachers Asociation, pro-human rights organizations, environmental organizations, and opposition party leaders and lawmakers. (Prensa Latina)